(Preston, Lancashire) Mrs Joy Margaret Barlow

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pandora jewellery (Bedford, Bedfordshire) Frederick Barker. For services to the Preston Senior Attendance Centre. (Preston, Lancashire) Mrs Joy Margaret Barlow. From this perspective, organisation (and organisational culture) comes about through organisational processes, constructed through patterns of relationships and meaning a way of life.44 45 Our task was to experience how organisation was accomplished day by day.We chose the organisational routine (repeat prescribing is one example) as our unit of analysis. Routines are “repetitive recognisable patterns of interdependent actions by multiple actors”46 and are the way organisational life is patterned; they convey complex, tacit knowledge and serve to coordinate and control.36 47 Every routine is enacted differently every time, since human actors embody the routine, embrace or resist it, and put more or less creative effort into improving it or shaping it to the particularities of the here and now.48 49 The ethnographic study of mundane routines can illuminate how organisational change happens (or not).In studying repeat prescribing routines we sought to identify and compare three things: local artefacts such as repeat prescribing s (the proxy routine); abstracted understandings held by staff of how a routine is enacted (the so called ostensive routine) cheap pandora, arrived at by asking “what gets done, by whom, and how?”; and the range of ways in which the routine is actually enacted (the performative routine), arrived at by direct observation.We analysed the convergence and divergence between ostensive, performative, and proxy routines within each practice. This enabled us to explore the tension between stability and change in routines and the scope for organisational learning and innovation.36 47 We also explored organisational power struggles highlighted in tensions between the three versions of the routine pandora jewellery.

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